Best UV UF Water Purifier – Our Top 3 Picks

Best UV UF Water Purifier

Kent Maxx

Kent Maxx



UV purifier efficacy


Build Quality


After Sales Service


Usage with different water sources



  • 11 W high powered UV bulb
  • No water wastage
  • Energy Savings. Low consumption of electricity
  • Great build quality


  • May need a pre filter if source water is too turbid(contains too many visible particles)

Purchasing a Reverse osmosis water purifier isn’t always necessary. They waste almost 60% of the tap water they purify, cost 3000-4000 Rs yearly to maintain(even more if you take the electricity costs into account).

If you live in an area with low TDS water supply, we actively encourage you to look for alternatives. This post is about helping you find those better alternatives. This post is about finding the Best UV UF Water Purifiers.

Table of Contents

Best UV UF Water Purifiers

  1. Kent Maxx
  2. Tata Swacch Viva
  3. Aquaguard Geneus

#1 Kent Maxx


  1. UV bulb rating: 11 W
  2. Capacity: 7 L
  3. Filter change/ UV bulb failure alarm
  4. Weight: 7.44 Kg
  5. Warranty: 1 year
  6. Auto on-off switch


✅11 W high powered UV bulb – much better at killing germs than the usual 8 W bulb used by other brands

✅Energy savings- low electricity consumption

✅Great build quality


❌ May need a pre-filter if your tap water is turbid(has visible impurities/particles)- Luckily, Amazon sells some great, affordable pre-filters as well. Going by the customer reviews, these are cheaper than the pre-filters offered by Kent service officials officially. You can check out the pre filters on Amazon here and the pre filter case here

Our Take

This one’s a clear winner. It blows away the competition by at least a mile.There isn’t even much difference in price between Kent Maxx and it’s competitors.It is the Best UV UF Water Purifier in the market right now.

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Hot Tip

Amazon, Flipkart on average list water purifiers at least ~2000-3000 Rs lesser store price. You can also get deals on extended warranty online while purchasing a purifier.

#2 Tata Swach Viva Silver


  1. Capacity: 6 L
  2. Warranty: 1 year
  3. Purified water flow rate: 30 L/hr
  4. Weight: 6.37 Kg
  5. LED indicators for indicating status signals of the purifier
  6. Auto on-off switch


✅Water tank is treated with silver technology which stops contaminants deactivated by UV light to reactivate.

✅No need to periodically disinfect water tank due to silver technology treatment.

✅Warranty period covers filters and accessories of the purifier as well, unlike most other brands.


❌ Unattractive, bulky design

❌ Poor build quality

❌ Customer service complaints in multiple areas

Our Take

We love the fact that the TATA team designed a product keeping consumers’ convenience in mind and saved us all the trouble of having to wash the water tanks every couple of weeks. This product has it’s drawbacks, though. Not the best looking product, buy it for the added convenience it provides!

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#3 Eureka Forbes Aquaguard EnhanceFeatures

  1. Capacity: 7 L
  2. Warranty: 1 year
  3. Weight: 6.3 Kg
  4. Mineral Guard- prevents scaling on membrane
  5. Added filter to remove heavy metals
  6. Auto on-off feature according to water level


✅ Removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, pesticides and volatile organic compounds

✅ Prolonged membrane life sue to mineral guard


❌ Costly, for a UV UF water purifier

❌ Customer service complaints in multiple areas

Our Take

If you live in an area where the water supply has heavy metals, chemicals – go for this model. Most will find it unnecessarily expensive, though.

In most cases though, unless you prefer the Aquaguard brand specifically, you’d be better off with the Kent Maxx or the Tata Swach Viva Silver.

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Hope you found our list of Top 3 best UV UF water purifiers helpful. If you feel that we missed on any UV UF water purifier that should’ve been on this list, do let us know!

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