Best Water Purifiers Under 15000 – Top 3 Picks

est Water Purifier Under 15000

#1 Kent Ace Mineral

#1 Kent Ace Mineral

Build Quality


Contamination removal


Warranty Coverage


Customer Support



  • Saves water wastage and better tasting water due to TDS Controller
  • Added protection of UV+UF
  • 11 W high powered UV bulb, better than most other brands


  • Higher cost of maintenance than simple RO or UV, UF purifiers
  • Poor customer support in some areas
  • Small tank capacity

Want to change your home water purifier, but on a budget?

Well, say no more. This is the first in a series of articles that’ll help you pick the best water purifier for your home based on your budget.

Table of Contents

Best Water Purifiers Under 15000

  1. Kent Ace Mineral
  2. Livpure Glo
  3. Kent Maxx

So let’s get started, shall we? Here are my recommendations for the best water purifiers under 15000

For Hard Water Areas

#1 Kent Ace Mineral


  1. Capacity: 7 L
  2. Weight: 10.6 Kg
  3. Filtration rate: 15 L/hr
  4. TDS controller
  5. High powered 11 W UV bulb
  6. UV bulb fail and filter change alarm
  7. Warranty: 1 year on product, 6 months on filters
  8. Latest spin welded technology RO membrane
  9. Automatic on-off switch


  1. Less water wastage and water according to personal taste due to TDS controller
  2. Better efficacy in killing germs with high powered UV bulb – most manufacturers use 8 W bulbs
  3. Screw on the bottom of tank to open and clean it


  1. No power on/off indicator LED
  2. Smaller tank capacity than most purifiers

Kent Ace Mineral Price

Our Rating

We like this product and feel that it’s much better looking than the other popular Kent products- Grand and Grand Plus. Suitable for small families or those that generally store water in bottles/containers at home.

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#2  LivPure Glo


  • Excellent build quality. Sleekest looking product on this list.
  • Affordable price for a RO+UV filter.
  • Popular product. Ranks #5 on Amazon in it’s category.


  • No TDS controller included. You cannot adjust the TDS of the purified water according to your liking. Higher water wastage.


For Soft Water Areas

#3  Kent Maxx


  • Eco-friendly. Zero water wastage, unlike an RO system that wastes 60% of input water.
  • UV+UF purifier effectively removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, protozoa from water.
  • One of the top products on Amazon. Ranks at #12.


  • Cannot make hard water soft. Will not decrease TDS level.


Note: There were multiple instances of negative reviews due to shoddy maintenance service. This was a trend across all the water purifier brands.There are, of course positive reviews on the same issue as well, so I wouldn’t encourage choosing a brand on the reviews based on service treatment, as they tend to be subjective. Choose according to your need, budget and water source type.

That’s it! Hope you found helpful our listing on the best water purifiers under 15000.

Are there any water purifiers you think should be on this list that are not? Jump into the comments and let us know!






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