How To Remineralize RO Water For Drinking

Reverse Osmosis water purifiers are the most effective purification systems available today. That’s because they remove pretty much everything, even some of the good stuff like calcium, magnesium and other dissolved salts that contribute to taste. And this is why RO water, with low TDS(Total dissolved salts) in it, tastes kind of flat. Let’s explore […]

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Do Shower Filters Really Work For Hard Water?

I am stunned by the fact that there are so many articles online trying to make money by promoting ‘hard water shower filters’ or ‘hard water showerhead softeners’. From small time affiliate website like Watersoftenercritic to even huge websites like Bustle, every one of them has at least one misleading article published online about ‘hard […]

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Can Shower Water Cause Eczema Or Psoriasis?

Can Showering Cause Eczema or Psoriasis

Can Showering Cause Eczema or PsoriasisAs most of you reading this post would already know, there is no known cause of eczema. However, according to WebMD, researchers have singled out these factors as possible causes of eczema: Genetics Abnormal function of the immune system Environment Activities that may cause skin to be more sensitive Defects […]

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