Best Hard Water Shower Filter India: It Stopped My Hairfall



Build Quality


Easy Installation


Cartridge Life


Removal of effects of Hard water and Chlorine


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  • Stops hair damage due to hard water/chemicals
  • Easy, DIY installation. All tools required included in the box
  • Removes effects of hard water salts
  • Removes chlorine upto 90%


  • May need a water pump if water pressure is already low
  • Recurring cost- cartridge will need to be changed every 6 months or so

If your water is hard or contains chlorine, you know the feeling.

How your hair feels rougher than it used to…

How it breaks off so easily these days…

How you always have dandruff now…

And you might even have experienced some of these- skin rashes, acne, or eczema.


Quick Summary

CLEO SFU 717 Shower+Tap Filter

Tap Filter For Hard Water

CLEO SFW 815 Shower Filter

CLEO SFW 815 Shower filter for hard water & chlorine

I mean, don’t we shower to be clean and look better? Turns out, the effect hard water and chlorine has on us may be somewhat opposite. 

Till recently, I was in the same spot as you. I was in a fix- because I didn’t want to burn my money on mineral water for bathing or on costly shampoos.

That’s because I didn’t know shower filters for hard water and chlorine existed.

Here’s my recommendation:

CLEO SFW 815 Shower Filter 

CLEO SFW 815 Shower filter for hard water & chlorine<img class=”tve_image wp-image-1262 jetpack-lazy-image–handled” alt=”Hard water hair loss remedy” width=”602″ height=”577″ title=”” data-id=”1262″ src=”//” scale=”0″ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-loaded=”1″><img class=”tve_image wp-image-1262″ alt=”Hard water hair loss remedy” width=”602″ height=”577″ title=”” data-id=”1262″ src=”//” scale=”0″ style=”width: 100%;”>

My Personal CLEO SFW 815 Shower Filter- Been using it for 6 months now with absolutely no complaints!

I highly recommend the CLEO shower filter. I use it at home and it’s worked extremely well for me.

But first- what’s a shower filter?

A shower filter is basically a shower-head that contains a filter cartridge inside it. The exterior looks like the picture above.

The filter cartridge for CLEO looks like this:

CLEO shower & tap filter cartridge

Shower filters are the only cost effective way to actually solve the problems caused from hard and chlorinated water.

The only other ‘real’ option is to buy a whole-house water softener and/or chlorine water filter, but that would set you back by about 50,000 Rs.

And while people also spend a lot of money on expensive shampoos and home remedies, they don’t do anything about the underlying issue; i.e bad water quality.

So, first up- here are 11 Reasons why you should buy the CLEO SFW 815 shower filter:

11 Reasons Why You Should Buy The CLEO Shower Filter….and 2 Cons


  • checkRemoves 2 major causes of hair fall- Hard Water and Chlorine
  • checkProtects skin from premature aging- wrinkles and skin darkening
  • checkPrevents worsening of respiratory diseases due to VOC’s 
  • checkRemoves odors from water including the most common- sulfur
  • checkPrevents lime scale formation
  • checkPrevents bacteria buildup in shower heads
  • checkValue for money- comes to about 1 Rs/33 L of filtered water
  • checkFilter Cartridges can be easily ordered online
  • checkWorks well for hot and cold water
  • check2 year warranty on the product!
  • checkEasy to install yourself. Fits standard 1/2” shower arm


  • Maintenance cost of replacing filter cartridge – ~500 Rs every 6 months or after 25,000 L of usage, whichever comes earlier 
  • Doesn’t filter out chloramine- a compound formed when ammonia and chlorine both are used in water purification

How Does the CLEO SFW 815 Shower Filter Work?

The CLEO shower filter works through a 4-stage filtration process:

  • The first layer mechanically filters out suspended micro-particles.
  • The  second layer reduces effect of hard water salts and lime-scale.
  • The third layer reduces chlorine levels(upto 90-95%) and heavy metals like lead and mercury.
  • The fourth layer is the nano-silver carbon layer which removes odor from the water and prevents bacterial growth

Shower filter for hard water- cartridge


Let’s talk about how the hard water gets treated. According to Waterscience:

Part of the Cleo’s unique 4 layer filtering system is the hardness-removal layer- a combination of natural MicroSieve Zeolites and food grade anti-scalant media, which ensures that hard-water salts are filtered, reduced and washed away and don’t stick to your skin.

As for chlorine removal, that happens in the 3rd filtration stage, which is made using patented KDF technology. Going through the KDF website made the scientific process clear.

Let me explain:

The KDF media contains a unique proportion of Copper and Zinc which reacts with the impurities in water and filters them out. The process is called oxidation-reduction(redox).

This basically means that there is a reaction between oppositely charged particles which either creates a harmless component that gets passed on with the filtered water or that the harmful components react and form deposits on the filter medium, thus removing them from the water supply.

What that means for us is- free chlorine in water changes into harmless, water-soluble chloride and passes out along with the filtered water. And if there are any heavy metals in your water, they’ll get filtered out by the cartridge.

That’s pretty much all you need to know!

CLEO SFW 815 Shower Filter Installation:

Added Recommendation- CLEO SFU 717 Tap Filter

Remember everything I said about showering in hard and chlorinated water?

It still stands true when you’re taking a bucket-bath or even washing your hands at the sink!

It just takes a few seconds for the chlorine in water to absorb into your skin.

That’s why, along with the CLEO SFW 815, I recommend the CLEO SFU 717. It’s more versatile than the 815 as it can be used as a shower AND tap filter, both.

Apart from it’s multi-functionality and sleeker design – there’s no other difference between the CLEO SFU 717 and SFW 815 filters. They both function on the same technology and even use the same filter cartridges.

If you want to use it as a shower filter, it’s easy to manually attach it to any standard 1/2″ shower arm. In case you have a non standard tap and you want to use it as a tap filter, you’ll need to buy this attachment – a 28 mm aerator-which is quite cheap, thankfully.

You can read more about the CLEO SFU 717 shower & tap filter in my detailed review

Final Word

CLEO has improved the quality of my hair drastically. I used to have constant, year-round dandruff and hair fall. My hair had been growing patchy at the sides!

6 months later- it’s growing normal again, and the patches have filled out. I’ll be honest- while my hair-fall and dandruff hasn’t completely disappeared, it’s still better than it used to be. 

After you get to know just how many contaminants are present in your shower water, you realize that a shower filter is not a luxury.

A shower filter is a necessity.

Check out the CLEO SFW 815 shower filter on Amazon

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