Kent Vs Aquaguard Vs Pureit- The ONLY Post You Need To Read!

Winner-Kent Vs Aquaguard vs Pureit: Kent Grand


Capacity- 8L


Added protection of UV+UF+TDS


Build Quality


After Sales Service


Usage with different water sources



  • Water purification rate = 20 L/hr
  • High powered 11 W UV bulb
  • Filter change alarm and UV bulb failure alarm
  • Latest spin welded RO membrane technology
  • Auto on-off functionality


  • Not as many add on features as Aquaguard Reviva
  • Premium brand- so cost of maintenance may be a little more than others

I’m sitting here thinking which is the better water purifier brand- between Kent, Aquaguard and Pureit. The reason for that is that I was recently helping a friend buy a water purifier for her home when I realised that she’d already made up her mind before coming to me. She wanted an Aquaguard purifier.

Ah, Aquaguard! That legacy brand that so many Indian families have been using for the last 20 odd years, simply because of the trust it has garnered in the market. As for my friend, it took a bit of convincing but she finally bought another purifier that wasn’t Aquaguard.

That incident got me thinking and so I decided to look at the top 3 water purifier brands in India. They were: Kent, Aquaguard and HUL(Pureit), in that order. 

So, fine- it’s Kent vs Aquaguard vs Pureit- but what did I find?

I found that Kent Grand is the best water purifier in the market.  A close second is the HUL Pureit Advanced simply because it offers more or less the same specifications as the Kent Grand, while being slightly cheaper than it. There are some disadvantages with this product though which I’ll elaborate on. As for Aquaguard’s most popular product- Reviva- it just tries to pack in too many features, making it too costly in my opinion.

Let’s look at what I mean in detail:

The #1 Thing You Must Know Before Deciding On A Water Purifier

There is another thing that I want you to keep in mind while reading this post. Please don’t decide to just buy based on my recommendation. Also think about the customer service in your area of the water purifier brand you’re considering.  

As we all know, customer service of water purifier brands usually is pretty poor in India.  There isn’t a single brand that can claim superior service. The only difference is that some brands have better service in some areas and really poor service in others.

If you’re not sure about this then go and talk to a neighbour or several neighbours about what water purifier the use and how the customer service for that has been.

The reason I am highlighting this so much is that most RO purifiers are essentially the same and the only differences we see are because of the marketing language. Which is why product specifications should be a secondary thing, because most products clear the basic specifications criteria for everyone, anyway.


The maintenance for a RO purifier can be 3000 to 5000 rupees per year, a significant amount of money which can easily turn out to be more because of shoddy customer service.

Let’s take a look at the products I compare in this post. I basically researched the most popular products for these three brands and rated them according to how useful I think you might find them in your homes.

#1 Kent Grand


  • Can be used with any source of water – borewell, municipal supply, overhead tank etc.
  • 8 L water storage capacity. Ideal for 4-5 member families
  • Water purification rate = 20 L/hr
  • Added protection of UV + UF along with RO
  • TDS controller
  • Filter change alarm and UV bulb failure alarm
  • Latest spin welded RO membrane technology
  • Auto on-off functionality.


  • 11 W high powered UV bulb provides additional purification layer
  • TDS of output water can be changed according to preference
  • Fantastic water purification rate of ~20 L/hr


  • Higher maintenance cost than a simple RO purifier owing to added components – UV + UF

My Rating-8/10

There are no complaints with this product, it has all the features one would want in a RO UV UF water purifier. Especially the high powered high powered 11 W UV bulb- much more effective than the standard 8 W bulb most brands use. Check it out on Amazon

#2 HUL Pureit Advanced


  • Voltage fluctuation protector
  • 5 L capacity
  • 1 year warranty on product


  • Can filter REALLY hard water as well- TDS upto 1800 ppm


  • No LED or sound indicator to check status of machine or to alert when the filter needs changing
  • Small tank capacity and a slower than average water filtration rate- ~10 L/hr
  • No see-through water level indicator

My Rating- 7/10

Due to it’s small capacity, HUL Pureit Advanced is suited for those that are in the habit of storing water in bottles/ containers at home or for bachelors. It has some missing features too such as TDS controller, water level indicator, etc but it’s still a great budget product. Check it out on Amazon

#3 Aquaguard Reviva


  • Can be used with any source of water – borewell, municipal supply, overhead tank etc.
  • 8 L water storage capacity. Ideal for 4-5 member families
  • Water purification rate = 15L/hr
  • Added protection of UV + UF along with RO
  • TDS controller
  • In built pressure pump to drive water from a low pressure source
  • Silver surety technology provides added protection from bacteria and viruses
  • Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer(EMLE) prolongs life of RO membrane
  • Performs additional E-boiling of water- as if water has been boiled over the stove for ~20 mins
  • Automatic on/off system


  • Lesser service costs due to EMLE feature that prevents scaling of RO membrane
  • Additional layers of purification- UV+UF+E-boiling+Silver Surety Technology
  • TDS of output water can be changed according to taste
  • In built pressure pump- usually an external attachment that one has to buy with most purifiers


  • Too many status signals communicated by the machine via different colors, blink rates of LED indicator. Would have been nice to have at least one or two sound alarms for the critical indicators such as filter change or UV bulb failure
  • Extremely poor reviews of after sales service

My Rating(7/10)

Honestly, I believe that Aquaguard Reviva is a fantastic product. No other product in this price range has as many features packed into it as Reviva.


The sheer number of features in it are just too many in my opinion. If you have a RO filter with the standard carbon pre filter and post filter, you don’t really need much else. Instead, by adding on extra components such as e-boiling, EMLE, etc- it just seems unnecessary.

Buy it if you can afford it, of course, but you can get the job done by buying a Kent Grand or a Pureit Advanced in a much more cost effective way. Also, keep in mind that with more number of components, the maintenance costs are just going to keep adding on. Check it out on Amazon

Hope this post answered your burning questions! If it didn’t, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to come back with a better answer.

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